Support For Climate Series

The Climate Series is being sponsored by the Greater Pacific Northwest Mission Center of Community of Christ.   We are grateful for their support - the Series would not likely be viable without it.  To support them, contact Staff at  GPNW website.

In addition, the following initiatives have also been created, for which we are also thankful!

Sacred Creations – Art and Poetry

The North American Climate Justice Team is pleased to offer this section promoting the arts as they express, through word and images, the sacredness of God’s creation.  Those who wish to post a poem, prose, or artwork should use the Contact Us Form to briefly describe their work.  They will then be contacted for futher communication.

Submissions in word or image should meet the following criteria: 

  1. Author or artist must be previously published or show evidence of prior participation in a performing arena (art gallery, poetry competition, forensic meet, etc.). 
  2. Artwork, poems, and prose must center on the Sacredness of God’s Creation and be consistent with Community of Christ Enduring Principles.
  3. If artwork is for sale, artists may provide a link to the website where purchases can be made.  Purchase from this website is not possible.  The North American Climate Justice Team, and its sponsored website, webinars, and online sessions are not responsible for any issues arising from the purchase of artwork on other websites. 
Limited Print

"The Third Day" Limited Print
Artist: Marie Skoor

Technical Details:
Original Medium: Watercolor, Pen & Ink and Acrylic.
Limited Edition of 100 Giclee Print on Natural Cotton Rag Paper  
Size: 12.5" x 12.5"   

Information and Purchase Instructions

 “The earth brought forth vegetation: plants of every kind bearing fruit with the seed in it.  And God saw that it was good. And there was evening and there was morning, the third day.”  - Genesis 1:12-13

"The Third Day" is a mixed media representation of creation designed in a sacred circle. Representing the earth, creation and environmental awareness, "The Third Day" is a stunning piece that inspires joy and hope in all those that see it.

Giclee (“Zhee’clay”) is the first and only fine art print to be made with an ink jet printer, rendering it superior to all other forms of printing.   

Marie is an artist living and working in the Seattle area. Each Marie Skoor Giclee print is one of only 100 fine art reproductions signed and numbered by the artist. This print can be purchased for $65. A portion of the proceeds go directly to support the North American Climate Justice Team.

To purchase a print, go to: 

Please message Marie on the Etsy page connected to this link, to let her know you purchased this through the Climate Justice website.
The Third Day

"Bridge of Hope" Poem
Poet: Karen Kunkel

This poem has often been used in our sessions - in many ways our Team now considers it "our" poem and as noted below, it came about as a pure gift to us.  Here is its history as told by Team member Susi Wight, followed by the full text:

  "On Saturday, October 10 [2020], I went to the Bellingham Farmers Market, with today’s climate conversation very much on my mind.  I had been searching for a poem that would serve to focus us on building a bridge of hope to the future in our climate challenged world.   There I encountered a person sitting at a table, old-fashioned typewriter in front of them, and a sign: “Would you like me to write you a poem?”  I waited for her to look up from her work, and she asked me if I’d like a poem.  “Yes”, I said, and explained my need for a theme about building a bridge of hope to the future in these challenging times.  She said, “Well, this will take a little more time!”  We chatted some more, and then she got to work.  Dean [Wight] returned two hours later to pick up the poem, and this is what she had written: [actual copy of physical paper version, is in the image to the right]"

Actual Poem Text
{A Bridge of Hope © 2020 by Karen Kunkel is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 - basically you are free to share it but cannot alter it, derive another work from it, nor charge any money from it}

           When we come to the abyss 
  Snakes fire midnight hole nightmares
           down below
           We know
                         We KNOW    we MUST sing the old refrain
                of hope
       it is only by singing out we are heard
       it is the raising of the voice that changes
                             the singer
     We must be brave enough to be changed
       for in the speaking we are changed
             in the trying to name
                                                    we are discovered
 It is the taking of the step
               that calls
 It is the taking of the step that calls
             the earth to rise      to rise to meet it
 what needs to be found     can only be built
             stone by stone
                                       pebble by pebble
                  hope by hope
             word by word                     many speakers   many singers
        many builders
                                   waiting to be told what to do
            but what is needed has never been done before
   we all must be the blind leaders in the dark
             mouths dry and singing prayers off key
     our hands full of dust and pebbles and our
   grandmothers’ seeds be the mad woman leading the way
          trust your love    and trust this path will change you
 trust others will join you
             the only way off the crumbling cliff is to build this
                 as you go      go every day to the edge of what
              you know of yourself     and then go beyond
              there you will find others singing a familiar song
         becoming a new way together             there will be no name
    for this new place until long after we are gone
      but you feel it calling   praying you into being
                go fly
                               do it now
                                                 I will join you