This page supplements the main pages with the following valuable resources.

Our Action Matrix

There are countless lists of things to do to try to address the climate crisis.  This resource provides a simple 2X2 matrix. The two columns are "Individual Actions" and "Systemic Actions"; the rows are "Basic Actions" and "Ongoing Actions".  This allows each person to decide, based on where they are in this two-level structure, suitable actions, at times prioritized in terms of effectiveness.  Following that, are more detailed descriptions of important actions.

   Download the Action Matrix. [Last updated: Oct. 16, 2022]

Book Lists

The climate crisis has been with us long enough that there are now multiple shelves devoted to the issue. The following book lists were selected by various members of the Team as some of their most recommended books on a given topic.

      Download  Book List for Climate Study and Action Groups   [Last updated: Apr. 15, 2023]
      Download  Book List for Creation-centered Ministry and Spiritual Leadership   [Last updated: Apr. 15, 2023]
      Download  Book List for Books for Children   [Last updated: Apr. 15, 2023]