To register for this free Climate Change Colloquy Series, please fill in the Form below.  Once received you will get a confirming email.  We will respond as soon as possible.  Because we are a volunteer group, it may take a few hours or a day.  If you have not heard from us after a day or so, please try again - with the complexity of web email now, it is possible it got caught in a Spam filter.

Once registered, you will get a Zoom link to each future event, a day or so ahead of the actual event - you need only register once for the entire remaining series.  Please note that you cannot individually select individual events at this time, but if you are not interested in a given event, simply delete the email and wait for the next one.  Our apologies that we cannot at this time have a more selective registration process.

The only essential fields are your name and email ( a phone number provides a good safety backup).  If you wish to stop getting all further emails (that is, to un-register or unsubscribe) please add a note in the Comment section to request being removed from the email list.  You will receive an email confirming such a request has been transacted.

Finally, please note that this information is securely stored in a password-protected file that is kept off the web.

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