Archive / Videos

Archive / Videos

 If you missed an online session, check out our archives below, or visit our YouTube Channel.   As well, this page also contains important supplemental videos, such as the talk by President Veazey on the importance of the issue of climate change.  For convenience we start with the most recent video; following that they are listed on Date.

[If the video directly below is not what you want, the remaining archived videos are listed farther below, by Date, starting with the earliest ones)]


Phase 1: The Sacredness of Creation (Sessions during the summer and fall of 2020)

Session 1: Nature as Refuge and Solace, Especially During This Time of Pandemic (video to come)

    Climate Change Meditations on Genesis
    {These brief meditations from Sessions 1 to 4, remind us of our place within all Creation.
     Revisit these whenever you feel the desire to reconnect or re-anchor 
     your sense of Creation and your place within it!}

Phase 2: From Crises to Transformation: The Science and Implications of Climate Change

   Dec. 31, 2021 - Jan. 1, 2022: Prayer Vigil
  • To view the schedule and descriptions of each session, go to Prayer Vigil Schedule; 
  • Videos coming soon;

   Jan. 09, 2022: Systemic Solutions: Glasgow and Climate Policies 201

   October 16, 2022: Deep Gladness Meets Climate Action 

Global Church Members Affected by Climate Change

Additional Topics and Perspectives 

     This section contains additional topics and perspectives - sometimes eclectic - not always covered in the main sessions.  This section is included because: (a) climate change is such an all-encompassing issue that the main sessions cannot adequately cover all subject matter; and (b) we believe in Diversity and thus this section allows a broader set of perspectives which should enable a resonance with a wider audience.


The Gift of a PoemThe following poem, created for us by Karen Kunkel, was gifted to us for our Climate series: A Bridge of Hope.  (Basic PDF text is Here);